G-COE program of Novel Carbon Resource Sciences is working on its project with the objectives of establishing a new theory on utilization of burden free carbon resources and developing human resources. With a rapid economic growth in developing nations, especially Asian countries, there are a large number of energy and resource issues to consider in an effort to maintain the sustainable development of human society. Likewise, preservation of the world environment is absolutely necessary to the future of our planet.

This forum aims at studying and discussing these issues among young researchers across borders, and eventually making proposals as COE in four years. The followings are the subjects to decide their concrete plans.


・How COE perceive the best way of energy composition in supplying energy and energy saving, then how we deal with them from the viewpoint of Novel Carbon Resource Sciences
・The future vision of “Carbon Resource Sciences in the light of Carbon Cycle”, which was one of the important issues when COE of Novel Carbon Resource Sciences was adopted: especially, our COE’s attitude to the solution of global warming (including problems of carbon-dioxide emissions)
・How to preserve the world environment centering on Asia from the viewpoint of Novel Carbon Resource Sciences


These subjects will be discussed among COE members, as well as lecturers invited from outside COE. It will give us the opportunity to accurately grasp the current situation, exchange opinions and then summarize it every year. It’s final goal is to make proposals in four years as COE.



1)About each Forum

Forum I : Efficient energy utilization Forum

Thinking of current status and the future of energy utilization of carbon resource, relatively discuss the current situation, advantage, disadvantage of renewable or atomic energy and so on. Summarize COE’s recommendation to “Best mix of Energy”.

Forum II: Energy saving Forum

Considering ‘Energy saving’ is a steady solution to global warming issues, survey and understand the current status and the future of energy saving material, device and system. Summarize recommendation to a role of which energy saving based on carbon resource takes over for the earth in the future.

Forum III : Asian environmental Forum

When considering energy issues, not only narrow-scoped energy derived problems, need to realize widely its effect on global environment from capturing resources to its utilization, to its influence on human lives, and that Asian region is a field to implement carbon resource research. Summarize recommendation to Asian environment, resource and energy use.


2)Organization members of each Forum

A. Advising faculty:NCRS program members or collaborators (a few)

B. Young researchers:Post doctoral participating in COE (never fail to join any of the Forums)、young assistant professor、associate professor who collaborates in these Forums (a few)

C. COE graduate students



Students who participate in a forum as well as its summary work will be credited with 1 unit (“Novel Carbon Resource Sciences II”: additional research subject), if they want. Participants in an overseas fieldwork under the program of each forum will also be credited in “Exercises on Novel Carbon Resource Sciences II”. If foreign students hope their short-term internship in domestic enterprises suitable to be implemented in the forums, we will consider making programs and credit students who participate in them. Advisors (shown above 2.A) will assume the role of the sub-supervisor of the students.


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