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Purposes for this Global COE

The Global COE program, Novel Carbon Resource Sciences (NCRS) was established by joint work of Kyushu University and Fukuoka Women’s University in FY 2008. Our COE program, which consists of 8 major courses in the 2 universities, aims at establishing a new field of science for efficient use of carbon resources in view of global environmental sustainability, and education of young researchers in such a field. Carbon resources such as oil and coal are vital for human life not only as energy recourses but also as chemical raw materials. The crude oil price dropped dramatically to one third of its record high price from summer in 2008 due to a worldwide financial crisis triggered by bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., and then the price is gradually rising again. This reflects that there continuously exist fundamental issues including competition for resources or its depletion among developing countries as they are experiencing dramatic economic development. While oil is deeply involved in material civilization, coal is widely distributed in the world and its reserve is relatively huge. So it has been used as an energy resource in thermal power plants. However, inadvertent use of low-quality coal produces air pollutant such as nitrogen oxide and sulfur oxide, resulting in cross-border pollution and also produces massive emissions of carbon dioxide which is ascribed as the cause of global warming. As these problems are becoming familiar, the world is trying to find out its solution. How can we produce energy effectively with environmentally-friendly and well-balanced approach? While various countermeasures are being explored in the world, our COE is striving to solve the problem with the objective of creating environmentally-friendly society for the next generation. To do that, we are promoting development of science technology for efficient use of carbon resources and materials derived from carbon resources to realize a low-energy society, and education of young researchers who are capable of considering a future strategy and tackling practical problems through advanced research.



Cooperation with local community and Asian countries

The center takes full advantage of Kyushu University’s location in Northern Kyushu, a gateway to Asia.  We will be actively engaging in bidirectional exchanges of research and education among universities, institutes in China, korea, Indonesia, India and Australia, collaborating internationally on education with Fukuoka Women’s University.  Also, we will be sharing intelligence with people in region through public lecture and  partly promoting nationwide, international joint research between industry and academia.





Organization of G-COE

Kyushu University

Interdisciplinary Graduate School of Engineering Sciences

Department of Molecular and Material Sciences
Department of Applied Science for Electronics and Materials
Department of Earth System Science and Technology
Department of Energy and Environmental Engineering


Graduate School of Engineering

Department of Earth Resources Engineering
Department of Chemical Systems and Engineering


Graduate School of Economics

Department of Economic Engineering


Institute for Materials Chemistry and Engineering


Research Institute for Applied Mechanics, Art, Science and Technology Center for Cooperative Research


Fukuoka Women's University

Graduate School of Human Environment Science


Secretariat, Contact address

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Kyushu University G-COE program
“Novel Carbon Resource Sciences” secretariat

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