Instructions for Authors

1. The following instructions prescribe requirements for submission of articles for Journal of Novel Carbon Resource Sciences (JNCRS), the Journal of the Global COE “Novel Carbon Resource Sciences” (GCOE-NCRS), Kyushu University.
2. Acceptable Articles: Unpublished papers, reviews or micro reviews and technical report written in English. Submission of papers or reviews written in Japanese should be acknowledged in each case by the editorial committee.
3. Qualification: Researchers, staff and students related to GCOE-NCRS, or those who were introduced by researchers or staff related to GCOE-NCRS.
4. Manuscripts: Submitted papers or reviews should follow “Instructions for Manuscripts” which are prescribed separately.
5. Review Process: Referee system is adopted. Acceptance of articles is determined by the editorial committee on the basis of the review conducted by the referees delegated by the editorial committee. The editorial committee can request writers for revision of their articles.
6. Date of Acceptance: Date of acceptance shall be the date when the members of editorial committee have accepted the article.
7. Others: Other required matters for submission of articles shall be determined by the editorial committee.
Note: The above instructions shall come into effect from December 18, 2009.



Instructions for Manuscripts

Manuscripts are recommended to be written using a template for JNCRS (Microsoft Word.doc).

Certification Form with Complete List of Submitted Materials should be submitted together with a manuscript to the journal's editorial office via GCOE-NCRS secretariat.


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